Commercial Spray Foam Insulation

Our experts in commercial spray foam insulation provide options for new construction or retrofit of an existing building.

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Basics for Commercial Installation

There are two different ways to install Emerald Isle’s Foam Insulation:

1. Spray it onto any open surface and studded wall.
2. Retrofit into an existing wall cavity when renovating.

A trained, Emerald Isle installer has the expertise to do the job right in both cases.

With any open surface, Emerald Isle’s Foam Insulation can be sprayed on once electrical and plumbing services are in place. It then expands beyond its initial volume in seconds, permanently adhering to the surfaces of the surrounding building materials and sealing all gaps.

For retrofitting existing walls, a slower expanding formulation of Emerald Isle’s Foam Insulation can also be used during renovations. The material is simply injected into small holes drilled into plaster or gypsum walls, or from the outside of the wall.

Weather is not a factor!

It can be installed in hot, humid, raining or freezing conditions. This part of construction won’t be held up due to weather. Surface preparation is generally not necessary. Within minutes, the foaming process is complete and the walls may be covered. Any installation gaps are subject to immediate visual quality control and can be fixed right away

Ideal for Commercial Steel Buildings

Spray Foam is ideally suited for steel construction. The foam will immediately fill cracks and crevices providing unrivaled sealing capability.

It works exceptionally well in difficult to insulate places such as tight spaces, around plumbing and wiring, and adheres to other materials too. It completely seals around joints, crevices and spaces such as steel stud “U” and “C” sections. No additional interior or exterior air infiltration protection is necessary.

Building Code Approval Considerations

Emerald Isle’s Foam complies with the BOCA, SBCCI and the ICBO Uniform Building Codes. The Council of American Building Officials National Evaluation Service has evaluated the quality of our materials.

Health problem concerns associated with other building products in recent years such as asbestos, urea formaldehyde and glass fibers, lead authorities to dictate the ground rules for acceptance of new building materials.

Spray Foam Insulation became, to the best of our knowledge, the most extensively tested insulation material on the market today. The testing included the most sensitive emissions tests developed to date, tests that few other building materials have ever been through.

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